04 April, 2006

¡Pero bueno, Huguito, deja la jodedera, verga!

Not content merely to try influencing presidential elections in South America, Hugo Chávez appears to be "metiendose en asuntos ajenos" (not minding his own business) in Mexico, which is only 100 days away from electing its next president. The race right now is between leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador (aka ALMO) and PAN candidate and conservative Felipe Calderon, who is accusing his rival of connections to Huquito the XIVth, The Pluto King of Little Venice. It is well known that Chávez spent money financing Morales' win in Bolvia and Urguay's recent turn to the left. ALMO's counter claim is that by running commercials featuring Huquito's recent attacks on Mexican president Vicente Fox, it is the PAN that is introducing him into the elections.

Whatever the truth is, Huguito is certainly making a presence in international politics: even the Dutch are taking notice.

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