18 May, 2006

Ulcers Away!

So ulcers are apparently going around the office. One of the people in the Ida Noyes office may have one as a result of the massive number of weddings that must be coordinated this summer--and let me tell you, nothing is more annoying than people who are getting married because its their special day, godammit and the universe should bend itself to their will. I might be getting one as well because these next couple of weeks are going to be H-E-double hockey sticks, like seriously bad. Aside from finals and two presentations, my Master's thesis of suck was handed back to me; and while I lack of argument and the damn thing is in a complete state of disorganization, my reader assures me that everything is okay and there's really nothing to worry or get angsty over. In fact, as I was leaving his office yesterday he said something about not being heartbroken about it...which as pathetic as it is to say, I was.

Well, it is my first big paper.

So now I have to get my shit together and work HARD HARD HARD. June 2nd is the deadline for everything (well, except for one final, thank god I give a presentation in that class the following week and the prof told me he'd give me an A anyway) and thats only a little more than two weeks away (vergui are you listening?)...so nose to the grindstone, no let up. God, I hope I can do it. Sheesh.

PS Vergueishon's comments on Bush's immigration speech exactly sums up my feelings on the whole thing. Its too bad that the MSM prefers to concentrate on the border guards and not the larger issues (with more at stake politically) he mentioned. I definitely liked the stress on human dignity and respect....hmm, is that the compassionate conservitism we've heard about for so long?

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