18 May, 2006

¡Pero bueno, Huguito, deja la jodedera, verga! Part 2

We've mentioned before on this blog Hugo Chavez's meddling into the electoral affairs of Mexico and Peru, going as far as to tell the latter that if they didn't elect Ollanta Humala he would cut diplomatic ties. Well, it appears now that at a recent meeting of Latin American states, the president of Nicaguarga complained of Chavez messing around in his country's politics. The president of Guatemala is also telling Chavez to butt out (link is in spanish, but basically he says that he will not tolerate any interference from Chavez) their politics...and he hasn't even done anything yet!
Its becoming increasingly clear that many LA presidents are becoming wary and sick of Chavez's interferences in their countries' politics, especially when Huguito takes any negative comment on Venezuela as on attack on Venezuelan sovereignty.

Quico and Miguel have more on the increasingly transnational and negative character of Latin American politics (that is, though there is nothing wrong with transnational politics, it is taking a decidely confrontational and negative turn for the worse).

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