02 June, 2006

Racism in Football

Finally some thing is said, and done. Racism in European soccer is overt, though limited to a minority of fans, coaches and players. Check out the overdue and excellent piece over at USA Today.

I know posting has been sparse, but such are the demands of the World Cup; mundial fever will be getting the best of me in coming weeks. Btw, I've been getting much of my info on the cup from worldcupblog and other sites. Check out soccerblog and don't forget to keep up with WC commercials. They're always worth the viewing!

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Eve said...

You're right, a very interesting article. Its noteworthy to see African players from America talking about how they are targets of racism in the European countries they play for. Seems to me that Europe is not the bastion of anti-racism it likes to protray itself in contrast to an "ultra-racist Amerikkka". Just goes to show that racism is a global problem and issue, something that we all need to work on, not just the "neanderthals" here in the states (smile).