02 June, 2006


Thats all that was going through my head when I got the call that my life was waiting for. See, I've been in the process of applying for jobs in the last month and a half, and as anyone who's searched for jobs can tell you...its the world's biggest bitch (next to Paris Hilton, natch). It sucks...you send out 10,000 resumes and you're lucky if you hear back from one, and most likely it will either be for a *shudder* call center or *even bigger shudder* insurance sales, the 6th and 7th layers of Hell.

Thank God for intrepid boyfriends. Vergui had suggested I check with an NGO called Heartland Alliance as they're always super ready to hire graduates with degrees in the Social Sciences, such as moi. He sent me the link for a position scarily titled "Executive Coordinator". Figuring I had nothing to lose I shot them a cover letter and resume.

Cha-ching. Not a day later they got back to me and we arranged for an interview. I was really excited about it...while I was going for an admin assistant job and didnt overall much care where it was, I wasnt looking forward to working for a random corporation, or a real estate office, or eck lawyers. Heartland Alliance (check out their site by clicking on the link) however, was a job that I wanted because it was definitely something I could believe and get in to. They are a human rights advocacy group that does more than simply observe and write reports--they actually do something to make a differece, providing needed services (things we'd want the gov't to do but realistically cant) to people who tend to fall through the cracks, including the homeless, troubled kids, people with drug problems, and refugees.

Anyway, I went in for an interview and it seemed to go pretty well. I was all nervous when I didnt hear anything a week later, but he emailed me back and said that the process wasnt over till Tuesday, when he'd start checking references. This past Tuesday the executive director (for whom Id be working) emailed me and asked me to comein for an emergency second interview. When I went he informed that over 100 applicants had applied and that I was the first one he interviewed; he said that he had felt pretty positive about the interview, but after seeing 8 or 9 other people he got kinda vague and fuzzy about what it was he liked about me so much. After our interview he said that he would be checking references and that no matter what Id hear from him this Friday.

Well, today I recieved a call. He began with "Well, I went through the process and blah blah" and I swear to God at this point I thought he was going to say "Im sorry to tell you" but instead he went "and Id like to offer you the position". I of course said yes right away, although in my head I was jumping up and down and screaming.

Boy did the call come right on time. I was this close *holds thumb and forefinger less than an inch apart* to accepting a job in Indiana, which would have required me to drive 3 hrs a day to get to work and back. Yuck. And although that job would have paid more, both vergui and I decided that the quality of life I would have would not be justified by an extra 3k a year. And besides its *shudder* Indiana. The state I like least (no offense to friends from Indiana).

So yeah! Time to celebrate!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's me, Norman! I enjoyed reading your story about your Heartland Alliance job acceptance, lol. I didn't realize I only known you for only a year - I think I left HA end of Dec 2007. We'll catch up on FB. :) And let me know when you're back in Chicago!