14 March, 2008

Getting ready, letting go....

The trip to Mexico is rapidly approaching. Yesterday went shopping with the mom to Target for a few items. Ended up spending some real dough, but I figure it is stuff I need and hey, I do get paid tomorrow. The sports bra--an essential when one is working hard in the heat--and the tote bag for my watercolor art supplies were what did me in. Oh well....such is life.

Looking forward to the trip more and more--picturing myself at Hierva del Agua, a beautiful spring site and petrified waterfall only a half hour or so from where I'll be staying in San Pablo Villa de Mitla, Oaxaca. The town is more famously known for the archaeological site of Mitla itself, which is a must-see if you ever find yourself in that part of Mexico.

I also look forward to losing myself in the work, and starting over. This past Monday my boyfriend and I parted ways...or to be more precise, he parted ways with me. I am still sorting myself out over this...but hurt, anger and sadness aside this IS for the best. Who knows what the future holds? All I can say though, is "Yeah Mexico!"

Hierva el Agua

This picture shamelessly taken off the net. When I actually go there I will be posting some very nice pictures.

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