14 March, 2008

Wait...you're going to Mexico?

So the last post before reconstruction for the site began is from July 2006. The next post after that is, as can be observed, in March 2008. And suddenly, in the post below, I mention that I am going to Mexico. Oh, and the banner indicates something about that as well. So I guess a little backstory is in order.

In the past year 2007 I began working on applications for graduate schools, as when I finished the MAPSS program at the University of Chicago I made a promise to myself that I would only be on "break" for two years with the goal of getting back into school after that time period. Feeling somewhat of a lack when it came to my CV in terms of archaeology-related activites, I decided that I needed to remedy my situation and in turn make myself a more attractive candidate to the graduate schools. This meant reaching out to professors--which didn't work so well--and to local museums...er...museum, namely the Field Museum of Natural History.

After contacting the head guy--Jonathon Haas--about opportunities for graduate-level students, I emailed Dr. Gary Feinman at Haas' suggestion. In the email I only asked what opportunities, if any, he had for people like me. I wasn't really expecting much--perhaps hanging out in a lab of sorts catelouging materials. Imagine my surprise then, when he wrote back saying "We need people in the field" and would I be interested (uh...hell yes!) Suffice to say that I squiggled and screamed and jumped around in excitement when I read his email.

Well, after much discussion via email (he and his wife/co-archaeologist Linda were in China), we meet on December 12. There wasn't even a question of whether or not I would be going down there with them to the field--they had immediately launched into what I would be doing down there and what I could expect. The past three months then, have been spent preparing for this trip and applying to graduate schools.

So where will I be working? In the most awesome state in Mexico, Oaxaca! If you search the archives on this site, you can see posts from March 2006 when the ex and I were there last. I will be working on a Classic-era Zapotec hill-top site (try to say that 3 times fast)--specifically at the top of the hill where the elites lived. We're hoping for some exciting discoveries this season, some of which I may or may not be able to share here, depending upon the senstivity of what we're looking at.

I will be down there for 3 months, leaving the US on March 29 and returning June 25. This will be my second 3-month stint in Oaxaca, the first was through a study-abroad program back in 2004, when I was an idealistic young third-year in love. Sigh. Anyway, check back on this blog often for posts about the exciting time I'll be having down there.

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