17 March, 2008

Ha-HAH! Validation suckers!

Okay, so a not so serious blog post here.

My ex-boss, under whom I slaved for all of two months before moving into a much much better position elsewhere in the organization, was heading to the men's bathroom when he saw me in the hall and, to my amazement, called out my name. After catching up with me, he asked "Isn't your position changing or aren't you flapping your wings and flying away somewhere?" (Or at least, that's what I recall...I know there was something about flying and wings....)

So then I had the pleasure of informing him that I will be working in Mexico on an archaeological dig for the Field Museum(!). I also mentioned that I'll be back for the summer and then in August I leave again for graduate school. He congratulated me and kept mentioning how exciting it all sounds. I certainly felt validated at that moment, as I quickly recalled how I had felt sitting in his office nearly two years ago in the initial interview, and telling him how I planned to return to graduate school in that amount of time.

It was sort of like "Ha-HAH sir! See, I told you I was going to do it and I did! I've stuck to my plan and now I am going back to school in the time-frame originally proposed!" It also just made me proud of myself, that I actually did what I said I would, and I didn't fall into that trap that everyone assumes is inevitable (once you leave school, you won't go back yadda yadda....)

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