17 March, 2008

Bikini, Monokini...Tankini? Er....

The days are counting down. 8 days left of work, 12 days left altogether. Still marshalling my forces together...er, still quite a lot of shopping to do. My mission currently is to locate and purchase a more modest swimsuit then the one I own at the moment, which--while cute and utterly sexy--is very not appropriate for small-town conservative Mexico. On a beach accustomed to tourists with a male companion at my side--completely different story. In that situation I would be fine (and it is a totally sexy bikini). But as a single girl whose swimsuit will most likely see the light of day at more local places--such as the previously mentioned Hierva el Agua--something a little less revealing will be called for.

At first I figured I would just shop for a one-piece at American Apparel, which was were I originally picked up my skankini...but modesty is, as Vergie pointed out, a word that AA couldn't find in the dictionary with a 10-person search committee. Additionally, one-pieces tend to irritate that senstive juncture where the thighs meet the pubic area because of the whole shoulder tug thing. And they make me feel like a grandma. Don't ask why.

So it looks like I will be following the advice of my BFF from high school, Drea, and shop for what they call a "Tankini". Tankinis (oh if only I could have been the fly on the wall at the meeting where they came up with that one!) is basically a tank-top one can swim in. Its nice because I will have that whole modesty thing going on but its still a two-piece. Sigh. Tar-jay, here I come! Hopefully they will have something that is a) a solid color, b) doesn't have a bunch of spangles or gadgets or hoo-has attached to it, and c) no padded cups. For Chrissake's, I know my girls are small but nothing is worse than wet padded cups--it's just that more obvious that one is a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

Wish me luck! I hate swimsuit shopping more than anything in the world....

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