16 April, 2008

A series of dreams

So last night I had a series of three, fairly weird and fairly intense dreams. They were all inter-woven and connected somehow, but the three main ones stand out clearly...the images still lingering in my mind somewhere.

A mouth full of teeth

Can't really remember how it began--can anyone ever really?--but Drea and I were walking in Logan Square and there must have been some sort of festival or something that had just happened because people were out and about but slowly dispersing. We were just talking and chatting when we saw these young teenagers throwing soda cans at some industrial construction equipment (?). Like a chorus we screamed "Assholes" and suddenly one of them flung a can at us. It hit Drea straight in the mouth and cut her lip.

I got angry and, spotting some police nearby--the boys for whatever reason didn't run away--we flagged the cops down and told them what had happened. They quickly caught the rascals--one of the jerks was rolling his eyes!--when suddenly I noticed or felt all these weirdly shaped hard roll-y things in my mouth. I guess a or the can had hit me as well and broken the teeth along one side of my mouth! I had to talk around my broken teeth bits and I could really feel the sensations physically.

Meanwhile, the cops, instead of taking the boys to jail, they brought all of us to a house full of neighborhood kids--I got the sense that they wanted us to talk it out. I then gave a speech in Spanish about how I grew up in the neighborhood, that I traveled to Oaxaca a lot and that I'm not the enemy, all the while speaking around the broken teeth bits in my mouth. At the end I was finally able to spit them out in to my hand, a bloody collection of bone resembling little pebbles.

Rosita's tail

I forget how this one began, but somehow it bleeds over from the first. Needless to say I was back in Chicago from Oaxaca and when I came home I noticed my cat Rosita's tail had been chopped clean off--perhaps a machetazo (machete wound)?--and there was a huge red flesh wound where his tail used to be. Which, for whatever reason, was like that of a Clouded Leopard's. He was holding his tail between his paws and licking it, and I was seriously afraid he would bleed out. My mom and I were going to take him to the vet but my brother was being stubborn about something and for whatever reason his obstinance was preventing us from going.

Finally, he relented and agreed to go with us to the vet and we bundled Rosita up in a white sheet and took hom to the emergency vet's office, which thankfully and weirdly was just the next block north of us. We brought Rosita in and they whisked him away. Then there was some stuff involving my local library and a television comedy show based there--I'm a little hazy on the details--and a Pac-man like game. A few days later, I was back in Chicago--again?-- and Verguei was taking me to my mom's house (again?). I kept asking him how Rosita was doing and he refused to tell me, saying I would see when I get there. I told him how mean it was to keep information like that from as I was so worried and why couldn't he just tell me. When we arrived at the house he said "There he is" and I saw Rosita, hearty and hale, still with the big Clouded Leopard tail!

The Airplane--hopefully not a portent of things to come....

In this one I was leaving to go back to Chicago (again?). I was at the airport with like 5 pieces of giant luggage and I checked them all in but two without a problem. I was then taking an elevator and I showed my ticket to someone before getting on/off? and they said "Have a safe flight Ms. Different Last Name" and I was like "What?" I checked my ticket and saw that someone else's name was on there. Somehow they had given me another person's flight itenerary!

I started running around panicking. I forget all that I did but at some point I had left an orange roller suitcase somewhere and when I went back to get it they were locking it up and about to take it away (unattended luggage will be destroyed...) but I said it was mine and explained my situation and they let me have it back. Somehow I located the baggage people loading the plane and told them about the mix-up--they said it was no problem and they corrected the name on the luggage. I checked the ticket again and saw that it said "6:00pm" for the flight to Chicago, and I knew mine was at 10:00am, and it had the wrong gate number and everything! Panicking anew, I tracked down someone to find out what my correct gate number was, checked my watch and saw I had but minutes until the flight left and misplaced that damn orange suitcase again.

I raced to my gate, flying through security and ran and ran till I got there--just as the plane began pulling away! I started to argue with the person at the gate, telling them that United had made a mistake and pleading with them to bring the plane back, all the while watching it taxing down the runway and began to take off. The plane had barely lifted into the air and I was still arguing with the person at the gate when suddenly the plane just exploded. In sllloooowww motion I watched a huge fireball head straight for us and the gate person and I turned and immediately dove for cover--I dived straight under these seats in the waiting area and felt/saw glass shards flying all round me.

Then my alarm went off at 5:30am.

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Anonymous said...

Crazy dreams! The clouded-leopard tail cracks me up--reminds me of Rosita and his coquetishness/flamboyantness. Maybe that's how it got there?