18 April, 2008

Atole--breakfast of champions

Lately Chevo, one of our trabajadores--and the one who has assigned himself the duty of watching out for me as I climb down the hill "despacio despacio" (slowly slowly)--has been bringing atole to work. It's this great corn drink that--at least the way his esposa makes it--is like a thin, smooth gruel or thick liquid and perfect for the morning. He brings it up the hill in a liter and a half coke bottle, hot and ready for all of us to drink. I love it, especially after making that long climb. Throughout the day I'll pour myself some whenever I feel a little hungry, and it fills me right up. If you ever get a chance to try it--do!
The picture above is plain atole. You can also add flavor to it--yesterday we had it with panela, which is sorta like brown sugar. Another favorite of mine is with chocolate, shown in the picture below.

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