18 April, 2008

Updates and exciting news!

Okay, so some of you know and most of you don't, but the past year I've spent stressed out undergoing the whole applying to grad school process--which is a bitch and a half but well worth it if I ever aspire to be more than a shovel bum for the rest of my life. Well, I somehow lucked into being offered admission at the four programs I was interested in--I know, I can't quite believe it myself!

Anyway, I made a decision recently and accepted the offer to go to the University of Arizona, for a myriad of reasons including a) its a good program; b) Takeshi Inomata; c) my Grandpa is only a half-hour away and my best friend lives in Tucson, goes to UA and is giving me an awesome place to live; and d) money! I am so excited about starting school again--and I still can't quite believe that I actually did it.

On top of that, I recently found out this week that I have been awarded the Field Museum Anthropology Alliance 2008 summer internship--and they're granting me the full amount I requested! Yes! This means that a lot of the necessary stuff I do down here--travel, food (gotta eat!), laundry and of course, precious precious internet--will be covered by the monies from the internship. Which also means, more money for personal stuff--hello trajes and rebosos galore and mezcal!--and for when I get home to Chicago broke with no job. Hurrah! Three cheers for moi.

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