18 April, 2008

A time-honored tradition...

...of men peeing in the streets. Serious, fly down dick out in broad daylight, early morning, as the sun sets. Whenever. I have never seen so many men peeing in my life...and I lived with a guy for 5 years. Mexican men seem to have no compunction about letting it rip and drip in front of everyone.

The funniest incident occured when I was walking to Gary and Linda's to go to the field this one morning. This borracho (drunk) was leaning against the lamppost and slurred "¿Güero, adónde vas güero?" (Non-indio, where are you going?). See, at the time I was hunched over, wearing a sports-bra that squashed my boobs, workshirt and a bandana to cover my head--so in the dark concievably I could totally be taken for a joven. And honestly I didn't mind, because as he repeated his question I could hear the unmistakable sounds of him letting loose and peeing right against the lamppost. So I answered in my best guy-voice "A trabajar" (to work) and kept walking with my head down.

But seriously...hombres, lo mantienen en los pantelones, ¿por favor?

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. I suppose it's like breast feeding in public--i.e., it's the pink elephant in the middle of the room, but you do your best to avoid staring at it :).