26 May, 2008

As promised....

Pictures of me with some of the workers on my last day in the field. Excuse how sweaty and dirty I look...I was shoveling dirt for 4.5 hours!

Yo y Juana la Cubana

Yo y Usiel

Yo y Teofila

Yo y Joel

Yo y Memo

Also, pretty busy weekend this weekend, but quickly running out of time! This weekend went up to Oaxaca to met up with a good friend of mine, then me and the roomies went with a friend of mine, dutch archaeologist Steven Brusse, to La Fortalezza, a Post-Classic Zapotec site a half hour hike from Mitla. I will be posting pictures of that and the story on Wednesday.

Btw, I am also officially registered as a student at UA and have picked my classes! Woohoo, I am on my way!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! It's too bad you won't be working with the people you've gotten close to at the site as regularly...