21 May, 2008

Last day, unexpectedly....

So, today was my last day in the field. Rumors had been going around that I may be moving into the lab soon, but didn't think it would happen quite this fast. I was expecting to work all next week...then understood that I would prolly be in the lab next week...then found out for certain today that nope, going into the lab tomorrow. Sigh. Had to say good-bye to everyone--will be posting some of those pictures later this week. It was hard though, a lot of them were sad to hear that I wasn't coming back.

Today was spent wrapping things up. Finished two units that were still left to do and took a few elevations. Then once that was done spent most of the day helping with backfilling. Lots of physical labor, though worth it and good--think I definitely gained the respect of a lot of the workers for the simple fact that I could shovel like the best of them, filling buckets and wheelbarrows with speed. We spent a lot of the day making fun of Usiel and cracking dirty jokes. It was a blast...shoveling dirt meant I got very dirty indeed, covered from head to toe in fact. Afterwards of course I took pictures with a bunch of people...all dirty and stuff, but that's archaeology for you.

One cool thing...I got a blister! And then it popped, probably when I was hauling some buckets of dirt for a bit. God I hope it turns into a caulus, then my archaeology friends can stop making fun of me for having such smooth baby hands.

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