12 May, 2008

Cena en el cerro

Normally we spend Sundays in the lab and I hit my head against the wall after spending 8 hours tracing rocks into Adobe Illustrator and suddenly climbing that giant hill doesn't seem so bad. But this Sunday things changed up a bit--we went to the site instead as we had found what we had hoped to find all season long--has to be a secret though! What we found was incredibly exciting and extremely sensitive, so los jefes felt it was best to work on it as soon as possible and not leave it open to the possibility of being looted longer than necessary.

So we spent all Sunday at the site...had a photographer from National Geographic with us so the day would pass slowly then speed up when exciting things were happening. We didn't finish till quite late and by the end everyone was starving. Thankfully, the miracle worker known as la esposa de Pedro showed up with a almond drink called pozole (which funny enough is also a red broth corn soup that is absolutely delicious!) and chicken tamales. While she passed out the tamales, Teofila, la hija de Pedro and also one of our trabajadoras, passed out the pozole. I drank at least 3 cups and ate 2 tamales and was stuffed. It was a very nice way to end a quite interesting day.

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