14 May, 2008

How many hours can one spend in a dark dank place?

Today we continued the last bit of work on the super-secret-cool thing that we opened on Sunday. We had some mapping to do of the interior walls and we had completed the south wall yesterday--which took forever!--and today we managed to finish up the north and west walls. Of course, doing that meant spending most of the day in a tiny cramped space, just under 2m long and 1m wide, with three people stuffed inside--Minerva, Teofila and myself.

I hadn't really thought about it, but when Teo mentioned that she had only left to eat lunch, hadn't even left to drink water or go to the bathroom, I myself realized that I too had only left a few times--to eat lunch and work the transit twice. And let me tell you, spending all day in that place was not a cakewalk at all--we wore masks all the time to not breath in the dust, so fresh air was a luxury, and it was hot in there with three bodies. It was actually very exhausting!

But at the same time, we enjoyed ourselves--giggling and laughing and cracking jokes and making fun of Usiel who was frightened of the fantasmas that might be inside. I haven't laughed that much at the site in a while. And once we were done we crawled out, sweaty, dusty and tired...and certainly ready to climb down the hill!

Teofila y Minerva.

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