01 May, 2008

¡El Santito Ipod se fue al cielo!

Alejandro, one of our trabajadores, said that yesterday and I thought it was just the funniest thing I had ever heard. Basically, it translates to "The little saint Ipod went to heaven". So yeah...my Ipod died yesterday. It had been experiencing difficulties for a while, since this past winter in fact. Typically it would freeze up and then we would have to restart it.

However, in the past week or so the harddrive crashed twice, and it wouldn't let me restart it. I had to let the battery die and then recharge it in order to get it to work again. So when it crashed again two days ago I didn't worry and simply let the battery die and then plugged it in. I let it charge overnight. When I woke up the next morning tenía ganas de escuchar a Modest Mouse (I really wanted to listen to Modest Mouse) so I unplugged it and hit the on button. Nothing. I hit it again. Still nothing. So I plugged it into the wall charger again to see what was up--and the symbol to indicate that the Ipod was charging didn't come on. In fact, nothing happened.

Sigh. So that's it. My Ipod is dead. So long, dear Ipod. You were a good friend these past 3 years. You and I have been through so much, and I will miss you dearly.

Oh yeah, and hello new 80gb BLACK Ipod. I can't wait to see you next week!

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