04 May, 2008

What? Hail...in Méxoco?

Yes indeed folks. We got hail last Wednesday, the day before May. What started out as a rainstorm, with some gota gordas (fat drops), quickly turned into a torrential downpour. Water was starting to come under Meghan's door and the wind was fairly feirce and blowing it in all directions. Suddenly I felt something hard hit me in the leg--ow!

I looked down and saw a little ball of ice. Then more. Quickly I realized that hail was coming down as well. And did it ever! It must have hailed for some 30 minutes. We had piles of it at our doors and building up in the corners of our courtyard--which by that time had turned into a lake. Meghan and I took as many pictures as could stand to take while getting pelted--we just couldn't believe what our eyes were seeing.

The next morning a lot of the hail had yet to melt. On the drive to Matátlan I saw unmelted piles of it everywhere, along with a dense fog. Funny enough, it had rained only lightly in Matátlan y sin granizo (and without hail). What a wild storm that was--apparently something that only happens every three years or so.

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