16 May, 2008

Gosh what a week!

Erg, its been long but very interesting. We had so much excitement at the beginning at the week with out super-secret find and after that it was...well, sorta anti-climatic but interesting anyway. Last night Meg and I went to the lab to do some work and drink beer, but had to stop halfway through because the rain had become so loud and it started hailing--again!--that we couldn't concentrate and had to shout at each other to even talk. Then we walked home, taking off our flip-flops since we didnt want to slip--I only remembered about all the dog shit later of course--and walking in a river of ice-cold water. Suddenly all the lights went out and we were in the dark, but we weren't far from the house and we were laughing the whole time.

Being at the site has been interesting. The workers have started to call me "jefa" and ask for my opinion on things. I guess they figure since I yell at them to do things that I am a boss of sorts now. And I do tell them what to do quite often, or they will ask me what they should do--which is pretty cool. They recently asked me if they should take out this rock that appeared to have fallen, but I didnt want them to do anything without consulting Gary first. And Joel was like, "pero tu eres una jefa" and I told them I didnt have enough experience but it was still pretty cool.

Went to the farm yesterday as well, where we saw the baby goats. A calf had been born that morning so it was still all wet and new. Pretty sweet. Then the mother turned around and we saw the afterbirth still hanging from her, and being silly Meg and I took pictures while our new roommate was grossed out. But its shit like that that you don't get to see everyday and as a city girl its still quite a new experience for me. I got one sweet pic of it that is so going on Facebook to gross out everyone else. Heh.

Tomorrow we go to Atzompa, which is a site near Monte Alban and I think was as sujeto of the larger city. I have never been there before so I am pretty excited. Plus, I know a few of the archaeologists that work there, having met them earlier at the director of Monte Alban's birthday party, so its a good opportunity to make connections and get my name out there. Afterward Meg and I are probably going to have lunch in Oaxaca then head back to Mitla to go check out some caves that she had visited previously. Pretty exciting day tomorrow if I do say so myself. Now we're off to drink beers at el magote, an unreconstructed temple/house/edificío of some sort. Laters.

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