23 July, 2008

How strange to be back......

Ha ha. When I graduated two years ago from MAPSS I pretty much though that that would be the end, that except for the occasional party and random happenstance that I would never set foot on campus or the Regenstein Library ever again. Well, life and work has proved my very wrong.

I'm actually at the Reg, as we not very affectionately called it, right now doing research for a project proposal I plan to submit to G. Feinman. It's kinda odd being here, but thank god its the summer quarter when there are very few students roaming the bookstacks. If this had been any other quarter, I probably would have taken one look at the multitude of 18 to 22 year old college snots and fled in horror at subjecting my crone-ish self to their presence.

But in another sense it feels great to be here. There is a certain feeling of belonging, that in truth I am indeed right at home surrounded by books and learning, doing research for articles and submersing myself in the pleasures of reading about my field and interests. Though, I still feel as I did back when I was actually a student here and not some strange visitor--that I just can't wait to get the hell out of this Brutalist prison and back into the sunshine.

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