10 September, 2008

Er ya...long time but super busy

Settling into the swing of things I guess. Lots of work of course, nothing I am not unfamiliar with though I definitely am out of practice. But I am getting much better at reading articles and becoming focused. Admittedly though, I've been a bit depressed and all--the pressures of grad school plus homesickness, missing family and friends--is not making for a very happy me at the moment, but I understand that it's an adjustment thing and that over time my mood will improve.

And it's not all bad. I'm slowly making friends, getting in good with professors and just submitted an abstract for the 74th annual meeting of the SAAs (Society for American Archaeology) to do a poster session based on my MA thesis. So hopefully some good comes of that but I've now registered for that meeting, so no matter what I'm going. It's a good networking type thing and could mean a lot of contacts for me. It's also always a good time, so I'm looking forward to it.

Well, I'm not exactly under dark clouds, even though it feels like it from time to time. And things are slowly getting better....its a good day.

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