22 September, 2008

Omigod! Bumrushed...

Oh man. Crazy past week or so. I had a HUGE presentation in one of my classes where I was the apeleader for two undergrads...except both of them were older than me. And I was supposed to be the expert! Well, we did the presentation last Thursday after much prepping and I think it went smoothly--my goal was to have them participate as much as possible and not have the whole presentation solely be flapping my mouth while they sat subdued by my side. I made it clear that I expected them to do their parts and hold their own, which when it came down to it I think they did rather well. They also commented to me that they appreciated how I involved them but was also willing to spot them in case...so I guess that means I'm a good leader? Perhaps. But anyway now I have this paper due, in relation to the presentation, which is I need to turn in tomorrow but I am not freaking out quite yet cause I already have 3 pages written and it only needs to be 5-6...whew.

Though that didn't stop me from tossing and turning for a better part of the night. You see, in one of my classes I have to turn in these so-called short reaction papers that need to be at least 2-3 pages long, and while only 8 are due (out of 13 weeks) I would rather not use up all my get-out-of-jail passes right in the beginning of the semester. As I did not turn one in last week, I really wanted to get one done today. So I tossed and turned all night--since I only had half a page from the night before--and woke up early this morning to do it. I kept telling myself to calm down, not be anxious, that I can get it done but such things are of course easier said then done. So I woke up early this morning and banged out the paper in about an hour. Damn. Not bad.

But that doesn't mean its quite over. There are a couple of other things coming up and then this weekend is going to be a bit packed as I am hosting the Anthro grad students potluck. But things should calm down, at least for the next two weeks, but the bumrush starts all over again. Damn.

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Marja said...

Marijke, I know how anxious this can make yo but I believe you enjoy the ride, nonetheless. Just remember what it was like doing the 9-5 boring office job...that memory should help calm things.