13 May, 2009

Ha ha I'm back!

Okay, so a long time in coming. But I've found out that I'm just not interested in blogging unless I'm abroad. Honestly, when I'm stateside, my life is pretty uninteresting. Well, its interesting to me of course--I mean, it is my life, and its a fairly fun one--but detailing the minutia of my days as a graduate student just doesn't seem like something people would be clamoring to read. Eh, I mean would you want to read a litany of items like this:

Today, sent some emails, went to class, read, talked to friends, went home, made dinner, studied more. Rinse, repeat.

I mean really? Seriously? Ugh, its whole reason why I don't Twitter. My thoughts are not always that interesting, not enough to deserve constant updating. Anyway, so why the post then if I am so anti-daily life blogging? Well, hurrah! I'm off to Mexico again--and not just for a vacation or brief stay but another 3 months! That's right--I'm at Houston airport right now, awaiting the second leg of my journey.

This trip should be interesting--very different in many ways from last year. But that will be another post, because they're starting the boarding process right now. I'll be sure to post tomorrow about what the situation is and how I ended up back in Mexico.

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