15 May, 2009

Vienes armada!

Hola amigos. Second full day in Oaxaca. Wednesday just went into the blackhole of travel--basically I had been up since 4:40 in the morning, took a flight out of Tucson at 6:40 to Houston, where at 2:20 I left for Mexico City. Then, once I got there I immediately cabbed it to TAPO and purchased a bus ticket to Oaxaca. The bus left at 6pm and we got into the city around 12:30. Allan, my host, met me at the station and then we took a cab to there place where I promptly passed out. Ugh, 18 hours of travel not so much fun.

But what is fun is the tiangues in Ocotlan. Its been my mission for some time to pick up a two-colored reboso (shawl) and a machete with a bull-horn handle. After taking a second-class bus to Ocotlan, I set about shopping. Paid full price for the reboso, which I didn't mind because they're very nice and a lot of work. But for the machete and its holder I did bargain a bit. Got the machete "puro machete" for $200 pesos, the best deal I found there. It's about 55cm long, made of good steel that rings when you flick it, and the bull-horn handle is very nice. Also picked up a leather sheath for it, which cost me $70.

Then it was on another bus to the town of Sto. Tomas Jalieza, where my mission was to find a new purse to replace the one I had liberated from my mom a few years back. Found a nice black one with both a zipper and a flap for extra security. This put me out $140 pesos but again, well worth it considering the quality of the weaving and how much it would be comparatively in the States. After that I made my way back to the highway, where I waited for another ride back to Oaxaca City with some lovely ladies, one of whom made a joke that I "vienes armada" or I come armed (because of the machete, natch), at least that's what I caught. Pretty funny though.

Now I'm back at home, playing with my Mexican cellphone and texting friends here in Oaxaca. Tomorrow its beers at La Farola with Ricardo. Cheers!


Russ said...

Hey girl. You don't have to call now. You're safe in Oaxaca. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've already hit up my fave oaxacan tianguis AND got you a machete--very cool! Anywho, glad to hear you're already enjoying yourself.