20 June, 2010

Settling into mi vida Oaxaqueña

Hello everyone! Slowly I am settling into my life here in Oaxaca. I'm still at Allan and Teri's but soon estoy en marcha (I'm on my way) to another house. I will be staying with my friend and colleague Dante. Chido, should be good. Today I went with another colleague Dante and an girl I knew from my first season at El Palmillo, Hilary. She came out with me yesterday from Mitla and we went out to el Centro to see an exhibition by a friend of mine.

Anyway, Memo was up to eat Thai food when suddenly he got a call. Apparently they had found some bones on a milpa or corn field where they had recently went across it with a tractor. When he went to go check it out, Hilary and I went with him. It was a pretty neat opportunity as we got to go to places the public does not have access to, such as the milpa, which was simply covered in telcapetes or ceramic fragments. Some of them were pretty frickin big! Another thing we got to do was enter a part of the site which is open to the public but where certain sections are restricted access, included this awesome tomb pictured below.

So that was pretty cool. I really liked the fact that we got to see this up close and personal, like only a few feet away! Not many people get to do this.

Anyway, as I promised in the last post, here are some pictures from my bus trip desde Puebla a Oaxaca. Hope you think they are as gorgeous as I do!


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