27 June, 2010

Hola from my terraza!

Hi everyone,

I'm sitting on my beautiful terraza working or at least attempting to work (as you can see from the lovely photo above). Hah. When I last wrote, I was waiting to move in a friend of mine's house, but that ended up falling through. Since I had a hint of what was going to happen, I called la Sra. Virgen to see if she had a room available. I rented a room with Virgen last year when I had to vacate the place in Cinco Señores for a month. Thankfully she had a room for room--and funny enough, it is the same room as the one I stayed in last year. How sweet!

So what have I been up to? Well, settling in to my new place. Picking up food for the house so I can eat. Met with Ron Spores on Thursday and chatted with him. Yesterday Hilary, Allan and I went to Ocotlán so I could pick up a machete for Taylor. Our first stop was at the taller of a knife and sword maker in the town. He makes the blades from old recycle tire parts. Allan had wanted a new knife, a switchblade, un poco mas chiquito y ligero (a little smaller and lighter) and I helped him place the order.   

Then after placing the order and looking over the Señor's wares he gave us some shots of mezcal, cedrón flavor, which was pretty cool.

After our visit to Ocotlán, Hilary and I went to Sto. Tomás Jaltipec to buy some woven belts and other goodies. On our way we saw this funny sign:

 The purses and belts are really pretty here in Sto. Tomás, and the weaving is exceptional. Very fino, mucho trabajo as all the women say. The best part was all the women laughing at me because I was a guera armed with a machete. Always glad to be a source of amusement for las Zapotecas. After spending a ton of money we headed back to Oaxaca and the both of us passed out for a nap.

So as you can tell, a very good time. On Monday Hilary and I got to Hierve el Agua. Should be fun. Will tell you guys all about it!

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