06 June, 2004

The 12th hour....

So it has been forever since I last posted, but the good news is that I was able to turn in a huge assignment. Even better news...I turn 21 years old at the stroke of midnight tonight- finally, I will be let into the last bastions of adulthood- I will be able to step up to the doorman without fear, without trepidation and hand him my i.d., assured in knowing that if he tried to take it away from me, I can call the police and kick his ass!
Anyway, A and I were surfering that big ol' web and we found some posters or pictures people had done with Dubya looking a little like Hitler...so okay, I found some funny, but the one that made me uncomfortable was this poster "Being a Muslim in America is like being a Jew in Holocaust Germany"...like no!!! I dislike it when people make this allusion (I have also seen blue triangles on some doors, which are supposed to be signs of solidarity with "our Muslim brothers and sisters" cause Nazis used to make other "unwanted" peoples wear triangles) cause it is not like Holocaust Germany! Muslims have not been forced into ghettos, they are not forced to wear any sort of identification specifically marking them as Muslims, they are not being put into concentration camps, they are not being forced onto death marches- in others words, they are not being treated like the Jews or others were. To make a statement like this undermines the horror and emotional impact of what the Jews went throught. The only places a Muslim in America is likely to experience any sort of trouble is a) a chance encounter with some ignorant asshole or b) at the airport- and hey, a lot of us regular citizens get searched too. However, A reminded me that in any situation you are going to get allusions like this....
Well, what else to say? I found this great website all about Michael Moore, in fact here is a great piece on Moore's wisdom that you cannot get rich in America unless you are already rich. As the article points out, Moore is an uneducated, self-made millionaire. I guess you can't become rich in this country- unless of course, you happend to be Michael Moore. Anyway, he also thinks that Americans are some of the most ignorant people on the planet- Michael Moore, of course, being excluded. And the Euros love him- because he parrots all the sterotypes they already believe about Americans. Great. Those unwashed smelly, socialist bastards.
The website is posted at the left.



r said...

Hi :) Maj. Bellon is a personal friend of ours. So glad that you have linked the web page that his folks set up for him. Just wanted to let you know that he is a Marine, not a soldier. Soldier is the term to refer to someone in the Army. An officer or enlisted man in the United States Marine Corps is always referred to as a Marine, never a soldier :)


Eve said...

I apologize Rae for the error.
My family has a long history of service.
On my father's side we have been fighting since the Revolutionary War and one relative of mine was in one of the big calvary units in the Civil War.
Though this tradition of enlisting has somewhat stopped with my father's generation, on my mother's side many of my cousins serve in the Navy, and they are all first generation born in the US. Both my grandfathers served in World War 2, my mother's father in the Dutch army; he was in a Japanese POW camp.
Considering this, I should have known better. I will correct it ASAP.
Semper Fie