22 July, 2004

Look, its Mister Ed!!!

Exciting events happening....I had recieved an email from my favorite professor, Edward Swenson (from whom I had taken a class about the Moche and had heard about the field school in Perú) and he said that he would visit me on the 20th. When he didnt come, I was very disappointed. Then the following day, the 21st, I was working in my unit when I saw him and some other dude checking out the area next to mine. Of course, scrambled up the ladder and ran over, greeting him with a "Well, howdy stranger?". He turned around, exclaimed "Marijke" and then we exchanged a hearty bear hug. I then took him on a tour of my area, showing him the Lambayeque huacos (these awesome pottery vessels) that we had recently found...and that we think are lying on top of a tomb. He was pretty excited, informing that I am working on an awesome site as he rarely finds as much tombs, bones or pottery as we seem to be finding at San José de Moro.
I then showed him some Wari sherds that we had also found. Now, Wari is a highland culture that is roughly contemporaneous with Moche, except to find Wari pottery on the coast is very, very rare as both Martín and Luis Jaime informed me. We then walked around the site and I showed him what was going on. We talked for a good long time, and he congratulated me on all that I had been doing. He said that he was proud of me, and I practically beamed from the praise.
Anyway, tonight him and his friend, John Warner, are joining us for a special dinner. Luis Jaime told me that it was my job to make the salad. Which I did, although I will have to inform people that though the lettuce and other vegetables have been washed in purified water, EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Hopefully, that wont scare people off and they will enjoy the hard work and all the soles I spent. Im pretty excited about all of this, and feel kinda special that of everyone I have a professor from my school coming over for dinner tonight.
In other news, I have found a place to stay in Lima during the big Moche conference. This  Peruvian girl, dont know how to spell her name but it is something like Maifa, is letting me stay with her. She speaks pretty good English, and we get along very well: I like her a lot and consider her a friend, so my stay in Lima should be fun. She's from there and has promised to show me around. I cant wait.
Well, its almost time for dinner, gotta put the finishing touches on the salad....

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