16 July, 2004

Bad bad, naught bacteria!!!!

Okay so this is going to be a short post as I am not all that well today...I woke up last night with the worst stomach pains this side of Moctezuma's curse, and spent two hours in the bathroom with stuff exiting my body in all sorts of directions.
Well, I missed going to Pampa Grande and I am very disappointed about the whole thing...really did want to go and all. But isnt life supposed to made of many little disappointments or something like that? So I promise myself that next time I am in Perú, I will be going there! Ha ha, take that bacteria in my stomach.
All I can think is hopefully that I will be okay by tomorrow so I can go to the field, and if not at least better by Sunday cause I really want to ride them horses. If you are reading this blog, please hope with me that things will improve....
Sorry this is such a short entry, but I hear the bathroom calling me again....

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