18 July, 2004

Dang it, I wanted to ride a horse today!

So looking back at the last post  I realize that I left the Y off at the end of "naughty"...oops, well these things happen when one is sick, right?
Anyway, I finally stopped listening to everyone else's advice and took myself to the pharmecy to buy some pills to amerliorate myself. And guess what, I am so much better today! But hey, what can I say, dem foreigners dont know nothing. Ha ha, just kidding, but an interesting development is that now Martín believes that drinking alcohol is what's causing me to be sick, cause it just happens that the two time I have been sick I have had some liqour. I mean, forgetting the fact that the five other times I drank beer with the others I woke up just fun, forgetting that the first time I got sick I had eaten some suspicious fish from a non-too-clean river, and also forgetting that a tiny glass of sangría cant even get one drunk let alone sick with a bacterial infection, I guess I can see how someone could make that connection....not!!!
It seems like everyone doesnt really all that care when someone else gets sick, but if I should fall ill, whoa nelly, call the troops in--La Flaquita is sick!!! But as A explains it to me, my tiny size tends to make people feel overprotective...they think that when it comes to things such as drinking or sickness or eating food, that I cannot handle myself and need additional care aside from that which I can provide myself. People look at me and think, "Gosh, she is so thin and tiny, someone needs to make sure she's okay!". A told me that the next time someone starts to react like that, just say "No te preocupes para La Falquita!" cause damnit, I can take care of my own self. I know my body, I know when it wants to stop, start or just plain continue...MYOB, right?
Well, exciting news from the field...in the area next to mine, they were digging along the wall in when they noticed that they had like five or six skulls, sans bodies. Seeing that more skulls were in the wall, they opened up more ground in between a previous dig site and the current one, and underneath this dirt they found fourteen more skulls!!!! Only two of which had bodies, suggesting that the other heads were offerings. Further investigation has revealed that under all these skulls may be a very huge chamber, perhaps with votive offerings and awesome treasures. Tere, Roxana, Carlos and others are actually in the field today on our day off to work on the site....when they come back I will of course be pressing for info on what they have found. Tomorrow, the camera will come with me to take helluva pics. Exciting, no?
Anyway, today was supposed to be the day that I would go horse back riding, but so far Sophie and I have been awfully unsuccessful in contacting the man with the hacienda, Jose. Perhaps we tried calling too late, but actually we will be trying again one more time. Oh well, if not this week, then next week, I do have some more time here, and darn it, I will ride those horses!!! I WILL NOT BE DENIED!!! HA HAHA HAHA!!!
Okay, excuse the temporary maddness there.
Signing off.... 

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Alex said...

Don't stomp on your gallon-hat just yet, cowboy. We might get a chance to go horseback riding in Venezuela at my uncle's finca. Maybe taste some fine finca-made cheese as well? We'll see...