19 July, 2004

Oh no, don't tell that's it!

Okay, so if anyone is offended by this story I apologize for it, but this already a heavily edited version....
Anyway, we were sitting around eating breakfast as we do every morning in the field, everyone sitting around the front of this tienda that makes sandwiches for us (chicken, mayonnaise, tomatoes and lettuce with...french fries!! its actually really good) when I felt swamped with the urge to use the facilities. I quietly walked over to Martín and asked where I could go, as I did not want to make a trip to the woods- which dont provide that much privacy anyway. He pointed into the store, telling that there was a bathroom there. I walked back in there and informed the women behind the counter that I was going to use the privy. "Pasa, pasa" she said.
So I traveled through the maze that was this woman's house and store...till I came to the back where we normally wash our hands in a bucket. I looked for the bathroom, assuming correctly that it would probably be some sort of open air stall, a door but no real ceiling. The first stall I check was the shower, which really reaches the bare minimum to be called a shower. The next stall I check was indeed the privy, but all that stood between me and everyone and their mother was a flimsy shower curtain.
To my horror the toilet was a hole in cement, with a clear view straight down into the waste...uh...pit. The seat was also cement, but really only cement molded into a seat on the floor!!! "Oh no" I said "I cant do this" but being given no choice I held my nose (and sensibility) and went through with it.
Was I surprised that I could abandon all instinct about sanitation and use this improvised toilet? No, not really, I've camped before...Will I do it again....uh, dont think so. I think I will just shop for real estate out in the bushes. At least its clean out there... 


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