20 July, 2004

I done did it myself

Okay, so I checked my title from yesterday's post...boy, has my english gotten bad or what? I dont know exactly whats going on here, mayhap I was just writing to fast and didnt realize that I had made that mistake cause I had to hurry up as everyone was waiting on me so we could leave...or maybe its all this spanish  I have been speaking...
Anyway, I was really proud of myself today. Rocío showed me the current drawing that we have for our area, capa 7, and pointed out the three piles of bones scattered around, asking me which one I wanted to excavat, M-A34-CY-OH01, 02, or 03? M-A34-C7-OH01 was a cranium and since I absolutely love excavating the craniums, I voted to do that one.
The cranium was lying on its side and you couldnt even see the other orbital socket. So working very, very very carefully, I removed the dirt around the skull in a wide circle, to give me ample room to work. I spent half the time lying face down in the dirt- my mission was to take the skull out in such a way so that it stayed together in one piece, since it was already a little broken and there was a strong possibility that it could fall apart. I knew that if I accomplished this delicate and diffcult task, I would have proven my archaeological skills.
So I worked very slowly, scrapping away the dirt with one of the bamboo sticks Grandpa gifted to me (which with all the bones we have been finding comes in really handy, since they tend not to break bones, unlike me). I uncovered the second eye socket and stared for a few minutes into the eyes of someone who had been dead for over a thousand years...it was quite an interesting experience.
Finally, when I had removed enough dirt from under and around the cranium, I touched it to see if it was loose, then gently took it from the ground that had held for so long. I held the cranium up over my head triumphantly, singing "duhn duhn DUHN DUHN!!!" as the sun shone radiantly overhead. Everyone in my unit whopped and cheered, then quietly resumed what they were doing. I then proudly wrapped my skull in two layers of tissue paper, placed it safely in a box, and wrote the ficha for it.
Yes, I am the (wo)man.

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