18 January, 2006

The Big R Word

Race politics suck in America!

Now that we have that out of the way. Monday was MLK day, which was all cool and fun--I got to finish a final, verguieshon pretended to work on something as well. But of course, because racial politics suck in America and the dialogue is mired in victimology and 1950s/60s black-white paradigms, the day prompted, as always, the usual asinine remarks, from New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's "Chocolate-City" remarks to Hiliary Clinton's plantation inferences (wink, "ya know what I mean?") and we cannot forget as well verbal diarrhea responses from GOPers over Clinton's racist pandering.

It all almost makes you want to hit your head against a wall.

Check out Robert George's, over at Ragged Thots, take on the whole thing. I agree with him when he says:

The plantation rhetoric is the manipulation and exploitation of American racial tropes that are better of dead and buried.
but I dont have much hope on it happening anytime soon (if the number of white kids in my Master's proposal class studying post-colonialism and resistence/identity politics are any indication).

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