23 January, 2006

Oh Canada!

So that great (assumed) socialist paradise to the North, to which so many people threatened to move if McChimpHitler won, appears to be taking a decisive turn to the right , according to polls that place the aptly named Conservative Party at a 10-12 point lead over the the as well aptly named Liberal Party (them Canadians are pretty inventive when it comes to naming things, eh? Yeah Cana-dah!). The election comes after the Conservative candidate, Stephan Harper, succeeding in getting a vote of no-confidence against Paul Martin's Liberal government over some corruption charges and political scandals.

For those of you who prefer to keep yourselves blissfully ignorant of Canadian politics--and really, who can blame you--the Liberal Party, and Paul Martin, has been in power for the last 12 years, during which we witnessed the further collaspe of Canadian military power (remember that almost brilliantly stupid moment when Canada said "We dont want to participate in this missile program, but please continue to protect us you big nasty brute America, eh?") and their much-vaunted (by ignorant Americans who hear "free healthcare" and dont think much beyond that) healh-care system.

Can the Conservative Party do better? Who knows? This is truly a wait and see game, although Im sure at this point anything is better than the Liberal Party's corruption/sucking money from Anglo-speaking areas to that Franco-phone slush fund known as Quebec/insisting on people going to "free" healthcare clinics while we attend private ones/Anti-american rhetoric cause we're out of fresh ideas schtick.

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